Safety training and Firearm safety certification

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枪支购买和使用安全培训班。 现场讲解枪支保存和操作安全常识, 使用枪支所负有的相关法律。介绍枪支如何选择和购买。办理枪支安全证(枪支购买必须证件)。
参加培训所需证件: 加州驾驶执照    注: 姓名必须与护照/绿卡相同

Firearm purchase, select guidance and operation safety training. Firearm storage instruction, operation safety rules and responsibilities.  Firearm safety certificate processing (the certificate you have to get for firearm purchase).

Total training time is 90 minutes.

Document needed for training: California driver license (the name must be same as name on passport or Green card)

Training language: Chinese

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1 review for Safety training and Firearm safety certification

  1. Warren

    Very helpful training

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