How to Purchase Your Firearm

Purchasing a firearm online at is easy!  Please follow these steps to be sure you don’t experience any delays receiving your firearm:

1. Review your state and local law.  Our legal department has researched both federal and state gun laws, and our system prevents customers from purchasing guns that we know are not legal in your state.  However, you are responsible to understand how federal, state, and especially local gun laws apply to you.  If you are subject to local restrictions (such as a prohibition on felons owning firearms), and we ship a firearm to your Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), but you don’t pass the background check or comply with other requirements, you will need to pay the shipping and restocking fee to send the gun back to us.  So be sure you’re legal before ordering.

2. Shop for the guns you want.

3. Check out.  Once you’re ready to order your firearm, you’ll have to confirm that you’ve complied with federal, state, and local law and check out.  We list the main federal laws to help most people ensure they aren’t subject to any restrictions, but you’re still responsible to ensure you are eligible in your locality to purchase the gun you are buying.

4. Shipment.  Once we receive your order, we’ll contact the FFL nearest to your address and confirm they will accept shipment.  Most FFL’s charge a fee to process orders, and you will need to cover that fee when you pick up your firearm.  Once your gun arrives, your local FFL will contact you and make arrangements for you to come in and fill out the necessary paperwork to purchase the gun you have ordered.

5. Background check.   Unless you are purchasing for a law enforcement agency or are the holder of a valid concealed carry permit, you will need to submit to a background check before the FFL will deliver the gun to you.  (Contact us for special discounts available to law enforcement and concealed carry permit holders.)  Once you meet all the requirements imposed by federal, state, and local laws, you’ll be able to take your firearm home.  In some states, there is a waiting period (especially for handguns).

6. Delivery.  Once you have complied with all state and local requirements and passed the background check, your FFL will deliver the firearm to you.  This is the moment at which the sale to you occurs.  (Until this moment, you have placed an order, but you have not actually purchased the gun.)

7.  How do Pre-Orders Work?  We allow you to pre-order guns that are not currently in stock by paying a pre-order fee of $25.00.  The pre-order fee will be applied to the purchase price of the gun, but if you cancel your order, the pre-order fee is non-refundable, unless the estimated time of delivery is exceeded.  For example, if we estimate that a gun will take three to six months to arrive, you may cancel your order and get your pre-order fee back if you have not received your gun within the six months.  At any time, you may change your mind about the order and apply your pre-order fee to another item in our store.  When we receive a pre-ordered gun, we will call and e-mail you to let you know that your gun is in.  Once you pay the balance on the gun, we will ship it to your FFL.

Federal Restrictions

Federal firearms restrictions apply to residents of all states.  Your state and locality may have laws that are more restrictive, but this list is intended as a bare minimum.  Before checking out, you will have to confirm that you can honestly represent the following:

1. I have been a resident of my state for at least 90 days.

2. I have not been convicted or indicted for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, even if I received a shorter sentence.

3. I am not a fugitive from justice.

4. I am not an unlawful user of and/or addicted to any controlled substance.

5. I have not been adjudicated a mental defective or involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

6. I am not an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States or a non-immigrant alien.

7. I have not been dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces.

8. I have not renounced my United States citizenship.

9. I am not subject to any federal or state protective orders.

10. I have not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

State and local law may place additional restrictions on gun ownership.  You are responsible to become familiar with your local laws and to ensure you are in compliance before ordering a firearm.  Orders for firearms shipped and returned because of failure to pass any legal requirement will be subject to a restocking fee.